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MAS Reduces International Fuel Surcharge - malaysiakini

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KUALA LUMPUR, -- Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has removed the fuel surcharge for its Singapore and Brunei flights effective Jan 30.

In addition, by Feb 1, the fuel surcharge on flights from China would be reduced by up to US$100.Flights from Australia and New Zealand will see a reduction of up to US$210 while those from the Middle East will have a drop of up to US$150, MAS said in a statement today.

Africa and North American flights will also see a reduction of up to US$160 and US$185 respectively, it announced.

The national carrier has slashed fuel surcharges on international flights by as much as 73 percent after taking into account the decline in fuel prices, competitive pressures and the need to boost air travel during this period of economic slowdown.

Its commercial director Datuk Rashid Khan said MAS had always offered competitive fares benchmarked on a route by route basis.

"Our stand is that the total amount the customer pays must be competitive, whether it's the fares alone or fares in combination with the fuel surcharge. What's important is the total sum of the parts," he said.

Oil prices have fallen by almost three-quarters since hitting a record high of US$147 in July 2008, MAS highlighted.

Despite this, MAS' fuel cost was still higher compared to when the surcharge was first introduced in 2004, it said.

"Fuel remains our biggest cost and our bill for FY2008 will be higher than FY2007 as the fuel surcharge only covers about 30% of the fuel cost," said Rashid.

MAS reduced the fuel surcharge for domestic travel within Malaysia on Jan 14 It had earlier reduced the fuel surcharge for travel from Malaysia to Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Paris, Germany and from other points of sales for various destinations.

India's Kingfisher Airlines To Fly To KL - malaysiakini

NEW DELHI, -- Kingfisher Airlines, India's second largest private airlines, will soon start daily flights from Chennai to Kuala Lumpur.

India's Civil Aviation Ministry is said to have granted permission for the airline to fly the Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore sector.

The Economic Times reported today that the Kingfisher, owned by the United Breweries Group, controlled by Indian industrialist, Vijay Mallya, would fly the new routes.

"We have granted permission to Kingfisher to operate daily services on three more international sectors, including Chennai-Kuala Lumpur, with immediate effect," a ministry official was quoted as saying.

The paper however did not name the official.

"The Aviation Ministry has asked the airlines to conduct proper study of air tr+affic on new routes before announcing the launch.

"In case the airline launches its services on new routes without a market survey, it may be forced to withdraw flights later. This must be avoided," said the official.

After Jet Airways, Kingfisher is one of the most preferred airlines in the domestic circuit. As of last year its share of Indian aviation market stood at 27 percent.

According to recent ministry data, the Bangalore-based airline, along with its budget carrier, Kingfisher Red, flew 11.26 million passengers last year, only next to Jet Airways that carried 12.01 million passengers.

MAS Offers 250,000 Seats In Weekend Sale - malaysiakini

KUALA LUMPUR, -- Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is offering the lowest prices this weekend for its domestic one-way destinations within West and East Malaysia with fares starting from RM39 nett.

Customers will continue enjoying premium services including refreshments, convenient schedules, on-time departures, a 20kg baggage allowance, allocated seats and other benefits, said its senior general manager, network revenue and management, Dr Amin Khan.

"We are offering our best deals with up to 250,000 seats on sale. These promotional fares are only possible as we have removed the domestic fuel surcharge from Jan 14," he said in a statement on Thursday.

Customers will also pay an all-time low fare starting from RM69 nett for flights from and to Kuala Lumpur to all destinations in Sabah and Sarawak. The special fare is also available for travel from Johor Baharu to Kuching.

Seats are on sale on Jan 17-18 on Malaysia Airlines' website, . The travel period is from Feb 5 to Aug 31 this year.

Meanwhile, the tickets for the "Weekend Specials" must be purchased online at least 30 day before departure.

Beechcraft Aircraft History

Founded in 1932 by Walter H. Beech, the Beechcraft company has been producing aircraft ranging from single engine piston airplanes to corporate and private jets. The company is based out of Wichita, Kansas. The first Beechcraft aircraft to take to the skies was an airplane called the Beech Staggerwing model 17 back in November of 1932.

For many years Beechcraft remained a family owned business run by Walter Beech and his wife Olive Ann Mellor Beech. In 1950, Walter Beech suffered from a heart attack and Olive Beech took the role of being the president and CEO of the company.

Olive Beech remained president and CEO up until February 8th, 1980 when during that time the company was purchased by the Raytheon Company. In 1994 Raytheon merged Beechcraft with their Hawker division. Just eight years later in 2002, the branding of Beechcraft was brought back to begin production back of their Kansas division.

In 2007 Raytheon sold Raytheon Aircraft to Hawker Beechcraft and they continue to product aircraft out of Wichita, Kansas which is an area shared with their leading competitor, the Cessna Aircraft Company.

Jet Engine Theory

Centuries ago in 100 A.D., Hero, a Greek philosopher and mathematician, demonstrated jet power in a machine called an "aeolipile." A heated, water filled steel ball with nozzles spun as steam escaped.

Over the course of the past half a century, jet-powered flight has vastly changed the way we all live. However, the basic principle of jet propulsion is neither new nor complicated.

Centuries ago in 100 A.D., Hero, a Greek philosopher and mathematician, demonstrated jet power in a machine called an "aeolipile." A heated, water filled steel ball with nozzles spun as steam escaped. Why? The principle behind this phenomenon was not fully understood until 1690 A.D. when Sir Isaac Newton in England formulated the principle of Hero's jet propulsion "aeolipile" in scientific terms. His Third Law of Motion stated: "Every action produces a reaction ... equal in force and opposite in direction."

The jet engine of today operates according to this same basic principle. Jet engines contain three common components: the compressor, the combustor, and the turbine. To this basic engine, other components may be added, including:

  • A nozzle to recover and direct the gas energy and possibly divert the thrust for vertical takeoff and landing as well as changing direction of aircraft flight.

  • An afterburneror augmentor, a long "tailpipe" behind the turbine into which additional fuel is sprayed and burned to provide additional thrust.

  • A thrust reverser, which blocks the gas rushing toward the rear of the engine, thus forcing the gases forward to provide additional braking of aircraft.

  • A fan in front of the compressor to increase thrust and reduce fuel consumption.

  • An additional turbine that can be utilized to drive a propeller or helicopter rotor.


The Ramjet / Scramjet Engine

A ramjet has no moving parts and achieves compression of intake air by the forward speed of the air vehicle. Air entering the intake of a supersonic aircraft is slowed by aerodynamic diffusion created by the inlet and diffuser to velocities comparable to those in a turbojet augmentor. The expansion of hot gases after fuel injection and combustion accelerates the exhaust air to a velocity higher than that at the inlet and creates positive push.

Scramjet is an acronym for Supersonic Combustion Ramjet. The scramjet differs from the ramjet in that combustion takes place at supersonic air velocities through the engine. It is mechanically simple, but vastly more complex aerodynamically than a jet engine. Hydrogen is normally the fuel used.




Other highlights include top Dragon Dance Troupe, God of Prosperity and Acrobatic Performances

SEPANG, January 14, 2009 – Chinese New Year at the KL International Airport (KLIA), this time around is assured to be a celebration that will leave many passengers and visitors in awe with a special performance by the three times world champion Khuan Loke Lion Dance troupe.

Joining the Lion Dance for a special performance on 29 January 2009, is the 2007 Winner of the Top 10 Malaysia Dragon Dance team. Together, they have promised a spectacular performance befitting the airport’s international image.

This sensory feast of sights and sounds of lion and dragon dance is heightened with acrobatic performances and appearance of the KLIA Shopping God of Prosperity. KLIA has geared up for the lunar new year with decorations of red lanterns, filling the entire airport with festive propitious colour.

In the run up to the first day of the Year of the Earth Ox, the rhythmic beats of the drums and clanging of cymbals that accompany the traditional Lion Dance will be heard throughout the airport at 6pm – 8pm on 20, 22 and 24 January 2009.

The Khuan Loke Lion Dance troupe will be showcasing two Northern lions, which feature distinctive shaggy coat of hair. A significant element of Chinese culture, these two lions will symbolically usher in all good things - health, happiness, longevity and prosperity. The Lion and Dragon Dance will be conducting a walkthrough in the airport on the days of their performance.

Amplifying this mood of celebration at KLIA are agile acrobats who will be displaying precision in special performances alongside the Dragon Dance on the peak performance day.

Meanwhile the God of Prosperity is expected to make special visits to KLIA and LCCT-KLIA to hand out “fortune” during the appearance days. The KLIA God of Prosperity will be roaming the airport for 4 hours at 6pm – 10pm from 23 – 25 January and 29 - 31 January 2009 to surprise travellers and visitors at random with exclusive KLIA Shopping ang pow packets filled with shopping vouchers, oranges and fortune cookies on behalf of KLIA Shopping. The shopping vouchers can be instantly redeemed at any of the retail outlets in KLIA or LCCT-KLIA, giving further instant reward and adding more value to shopping at the Gateway to the Nation.

There will also be a team of strollers at hand to entertain passengers and visitors with popular Chinese New Year wishes and messages as they shop throughout the period of 19 January to 2 February 2009.

All in all, KLIA is a hive of activities this festive season as it continuously drums up the shopping atmosphere following the launch of the second phase of its Shopping Campaign in early December.

But, it is not just audio and visual sensory that await passengers and visitors of KLIA this season. This Chinese New Year, the atmosphere of prosperity and good luck can certainly be experienced in the ongoing KLIA Shopping’s “The Magic Continues…” Campaign. The second phase of the three-part-contest-within-an-Ultimate contest will reward a lucky shopper with a Bumper Prize of RM 40,000 worth of travel package to any destination of their choice.

Shoppers can also vie for other prizes through “The KLIA Magic Continues…” Campaign including an exclusive travel package worth RM 10,000 and a trip to anywhere in the world worth RM 15,000. Divided into three different tiers of qualification and prizes, “The Magic Continues…” is open to shoppers who spend as little as RM150 at KLIA and LCCT-KLIA.

At the end of the entire shopping campaign, one lucky shopper will truly be struck by the luck of the Ox when he/she is rewarded for shopping at KLIA or LCCT-KLIA with the Ultimate Grand Prize of a brand new, luxury car - the RM 420,000 Lexus GS300.

Official sponsors of the KLIA shopping campaign are Lexus and MasterCard. Every shopper who used their MasterCard for purchases automatically doubles their chances to win the many lucrative prizes offered throughout the shopping campaign.

A total of RM 2.7 million worth of prizes await shoppers in this KLIA Shopping Campaign. The prizes include Grand Prizes of RM 520,000 cash, RM 280,000 worth of travel packages and a host of other monthly and weekly prizes. Shoppers are also rewarded with instant gifts during the campaign.

For more information, visit our redemption booths at KLIA and LCCT-KLIA or log on to

Come on down to KLIA this Chinese New Year and be enthralled with the activities in store.




19 January to 2 February 2009

[6pm – 10pm]

Chinese New Year Strollers

· Main Terminal Building

· Satellite Building

· Contact Pier

20 January 2009 [6pm to 8pm]

22 January 2009 [6pm to 8pm]

24 January 2009 [6pm to 8pm]

Lion Dance

· Main Terminal Building

· Satellite Building

· Contact Pier

29 January 2009 [6pm to 8pm]

Dragon Dance

· Main Terminal Building [Main Stage Area]

23 – 25 January 2009

[6pm – 10pm]

29 – 31 January 2009

[6pm – 10pm]

God of Prosperity Appearance

· Main Terminal Building

· Satellite Building

· Contact Pier


29 January 2009 [6pm to 8pm]

31 January 2009 [6pm to 8pm]

Acrobatic Performance

· Main Terminal Building [Main Stage Area]

About Malaysia Airports

Malaysia Airports operates and manages 39 airports in Malaysia: 5 international, 16 domestic and 18 Short Take-Off and Landing Ports (STOL Ports). It also has operations in Kazakhstan, India and Turkey. On November 30 1999, Malaysia Airports became the first airport company to be listed in Asia. KL International Airport (KLIA), its flagship airport was thrice voted as the World's Best Airport (15-25 million passengers per annum) in the 2005 AETRA awards, 2006 ACI-ASQ awards and 2007 ACI-ASQ awards while the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT-KLIA) was named CAPA Low Cost Airport of the Year at the CAPA Aviation Awards for Excellence 2006. KLIA was also voted 2nd Best Airport Worldwide and in the Asia Pacific categories for 2007 ACI-ASQ awards. Malaysia Airports has also been entrusted to host the 2008 World Route Development Forum (ROUTES), the first airport operator in Asia to be given the honour of hosting the world-class airport-airlines event.

# # #

Corporate Communication Division, Malaysia Airports

For further information, kindly contact:-

Faisally Ahmad Rusdy at 03 78407184 / 012-6846575 or


What Does The Interior of a $17 Million Dollar Gulfstream IV Look Like?

You might be wondering what an expensive Gulfstream IV looks like on the inside. Here is a 1990 Gulfstream IV that is actually listed for sale in an aircraft classifieds ads web site. This airplane is absolutely beautiful. When you think of a vehicle being almost 20 years old, you don’t really consider that to be too valuable. With airplanes, it seems to be different. This particular Gulfstream IV is selling for just under $17 Million dollars. I absolutely enjoy checking out the luxury aircraft interiors of expensive airplanes.

They say that pictures tell a thousand words, check out this photo of the beautiful interior of this 1990 Gulfstream IV.

So what makes this Gulfstream so special? Perhaps, it is the 13 passenger configuration that is equipped with some very modern and luxorious items such as two lavatories, single bed and gallery, microwave oven, beige leather seating, satin nickel metal, beige print fabric, maple wood with high gloss finish and tan wool carpeting. Sounds all nice doesn’t it?


Airplane Parts Definition And Function ( Part 9 ) - Flats And Slats

The amount of lift generated by a wing depends on the shape of the airfoil, the wing area, and the aircraft velocity.

During takeoff and landing the airplane's velocity is relatively low. To keep the lift high (to avoid objects on the ground!), airplane designers try to increase the wing area and change the airfoil shape by putting some moving parts on the wings' leading and trailing edges. The part on the leading edge is called a slat, while the part on the trailing edge is called a flap. The flaps and slats move along metal tracks built into the wings. Moving the flaps aft (toward the tail) and the slats forward increases the wing area. Pivoting the leading edge of the slat and the trailing edge of the flap downward increases the effective camber of the airfoil, which increases the lift. In addition, the large aft-projected area of the flap increases the drag of the aircraft. This helps the airplane slow down for landing.

The next time you fly in an airliner, watch the wings during takeoff and landing. On takeoff, we want high lift and low drag, so the flaps will be set downward at a moderate setting. During landing we want high lift and high drag, so the flaps and slats will be fully deployed. When the wheels touch down, we want to decrease the lift (to keep the plane on the ground!), so you will often see spoilers deployed on the top of the wing to kill the lift. Spoilers create additional drag to slow down the plane.

Several Flights Delayed Due To Fire At LCCT - malaysiakini

SEPANG, Jan 9 -- A small fire at a store room of a shop at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) here affected operations at the terminal and caused several flights to be delayed.

Malaysia Airport Berhad (MAB) general manager Datuk Azmi Murad said the fire broke out at about 11 am due to a minor accident in the store room, which was undergoing renovation at the terminal.

He said the situation was brought under control and operations, including the passenger check-in counters, were able to resume as normal at 12.30pm.

"There was no casualty or loss of life reported in the incident," he told reporters after accompanying Syrian Prime Minister Mohammad Naji Otri on a visit to the KL International Airport here today.

He said the fire caused the building to be engulfed in thick smoke and for public safety and to prevent any untoward incidents, passengers and workers in the terminal were asked to vacate the building.

Azmi said the incident also caused several incoming and outgoing flights to be delayed.

Meanwhile, Sepang district police chief Supt Zahedi Ayob, when contacted, confirmed the incident and said the fire brought under control in 15 minutes.

"It is learnt that a short-circuit occurred when a worker was said to have wrongly cut a wire, causing a fire to happen," he added.

Three fire engines from the Fire and Rescue station at the KLIA and another by MAB rushed to the scene when alerted of the fire.


Airbus Meets A380 Delivery Target For 2008 - malaysiakini

KUALA LUMPUR, -- Airbus has met its target of delivering 12 A380 aircraft for this year.

In a statement here Wednesday, Airbus said the final super jumbo was delivered to Dubai's Emirates airline on Tuesday.

"We have met our 2008 delivery schedule," president/chief executive officer Tom Enders said.

The first super jumbo was delivered to Singapore Airlines on Oct 15, 2007 and five more were delivered to the airline last year.

Meanwhile, Australia's national carrier Qantas Airways received three.

The in-service super jumbo fleet has flown more than 21,000 revenue flight hours in more than 2,200 commercial flights carrying more than 890,000 passengers, it said.