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AirAsia Further Improves 5-Star Service Quality Upgrades On-Time Guarantee to 2 Hours - malaysiakini

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 October 2008 – At last a low cost carrier that can compete with full service airlines but still has low fares – AirAsia.

AirAsia, the leading and largest low cost carrier in Asia, adds another sparkle to its already 5-star service by enhancing its On-Time Guarantee, an innovative protection provided by the airline for guests who are affected by flight delays.

Beginning 1 November 2008, the AirAsia On-Time Guarantee cuts its waiting time from three to two hours, making guests affected by flight delays of more than two hours eligible to receive an e-gift voucher. Each e-gift voucher is worth RM200 and may be used to buy a seat on another AirAsia flight or redeemed for any AirAsia product or service.

Commenting on the upgraded On-Time Guarantee, AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Sri Tony Fernandes said: “The gap between us and full-service airlines has narrowed from our first day and I dare say we are better than many of them. AirAsia no more has to play second fiddle. We have as good, if not better, service than many other airlines.”

The enhanced On-Time Guarantee is a benefit passed on to AirAsia guests as a result of the airline’s improved on-time performance for flights across its entire network. In just a matter of three months since the AirAsia On-Time Guarantee was launched in June this year, the number of AirAsia flights that were delayed by an hour or more has dropped from 3% in July and 4% in August to 2% in September. As a direct effect, AirAsia has seen its on-time performance for flight departures improving from 89% in July and 85% in August to 90% in September.

On-time performance of flights refers to the departure of flights within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure times. AirAsia is the only airline in the world that provides its guests an innovative protection like the On-Time Guarantee.

AirAsia flies an average of 12,000 flights every month on over 100 routes covering more than 60 destinations in South East Asia and China.

Tony said: “The enhancement of AirAsia’s On-Time Guarantee shows our commitment to deliver 5-star service to our guests. It also highlights our confidence in our ability to fly our guests on time without compromising safety and quality of service. As AirAsia grows, our guests’ expectations also grow, and we are determined to not only meet but surpass these expectations. The enhanced On-Time Guarantee is our commitment to our guests, who have enabled us to grow into the leading low-cost carrier in Asia Pacific.”

“With AirAsia, guests can enjoy low fares and at the same time experience 5-star service at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Now we can offer this enhanced On-Time Guarantee with our other 5-star offerings - brand new Airbus A320 aircraft with leather seats, fun and friendly cabin crew and ground staff, a vast array of food selections, largest number of destinations, highest flight frequencies to individual destinations, and a 5-star smile that allows us to challenge the best of premium airlines. There’s no reason for not flying with AirAsia, even as we embrace an economic slowdown,” he added.

“That the enhancement of our On-Time Guarantee is closely tied with our improved on-time performance for flights shows us in AirAsia that the more efficient we are, the more we can give back to our guests. I am confident that knowledge of this will drive all of us at AirAsia to strive for better efficiency in the airline while delivering superior quality service to our guests,” said Tony.

AirAsia has recently been ranked Top 5 among the most recognized and admired airline brands in the Asia-Pacific region in a survey conducted by leading market research company TNS. Notably, AirAsia was the only low-cost carrier to be listed among the ‘Top 10 Asia-Pacific Airlines’, which saw it coming ahead of other full-service, legacy carriers including Qantas and Malaysia Airlines.


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